Meeting your healthcare needs at your convenience

Encompass Healthcare

Our goal is to provide ethical, evidence-based healthcare throughout your lifespan. We want to meet each individual’s needs on a personal and accessible level inclusive of clinic, mobile or virtual platforms.

Katrina Hill, our lead Nurse Practitioner, has noted gaps in Thunder Bay Ontario healthcare. Her objective is to close some of those gaps by offering accessible healthcare services in a convenient manner to the patient.


In-person consultations at your home, our office,
​or even online via video

Katrina Hill, NP

Nurse Practitioners

NPs, on the basis of assessment and diagnosis, formulate the most appropriate plan of care for the client and implement evidence-informed therapeutic interventions in partnership with the client to optimize health.

NPs identify when collaboration, consultation and referral are necessary for safe, competent and comprehensive client care.

Primary Care
In-Office Care
Mobile Care
Virtual Care
Medical Cannabis
Other Services


  • 15-minute appointment  —  $40
  • Medical cannabis assessment — $125
  • Driver’s Medicals — $125
  • New patient assessment — $100
  • Follow-up appointments — $40
  • WSIB forms —  per WSIB schedule


Encompass Healthcare

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Encompass Healthcare is not a substitute for emergency care. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911.

Meeting your healthcare needs at your convenience

Encompass Healthcare