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Specialty Care Options

Pain Management

Cortisone Injection Assessment: includes assessment, ordering of diagnostics, follow up and injection of shoulders, knees & hip bursae

Medical Cannabis Assessment: assessment of appropriateness for medical cannabis, selection of Licensed Producer, Medical Document (prescription), and follow up as needed for one (1) year.
Initial appointment $250
Subsequent reordering of the medical document $60

Wellness Assessment

Wondering about your health? Haven’t had a provider in a long period of time? Looking for a second opinion? Not necessarily interested in regular follow up? This is option includes a physical health review and diagnostics if needed.

$125 for 30 minutes

Work-Related Assessments & Forms

Sick Notes $30
Driver’s Medicals/Work Medicals $150
Functional Assessment for Return to Work $50 + applicable visit fee*
Disability Tax Credit Form $150
Benefits Forms (such as sick leave) starting at $50 + applicable visit fee*

*Visit fee is based on patient type at $75 primary care patients and $50 for walk-in patients.

Primary Care
In-Office Care
Mobile Care
Virtual Care
Medical Cannabis
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